Past Presidents

D.S.T.A. Past Presidents
Attempts are made to keep track of the Past Presidents of our organization including the former
Duluth-Superior Transportation Club. This list is as accurate as possible and includes the individuals, their time of office, and their employer when in office

Name Duration Organization
Joe Schiff 2020-2021 Charter NEX Films
Gina Schneider 2018-2019 Lawrence Cumpston & Associates
Carl Svendsen 2016-2017 Halvor Lines
Jay Baker 2014-2016 Lake States Lumber
Joe Schiff 2013 Charter NEX Films
Richard Stewart 2011 UW-S Transportation & Logistics
Denise McDougall 2010 & 2012 Lake Superior Warehousing Co, Inc
Brian Foster 2009 Kirscher Transport
Buck Hammann 2008 Halvor Lines, Inc
Jon Vinje 2007 Halvor Lines, Inc
Terry Osvold 2006 Halvor Lines, Inc
Debbie Landry 2005 Halvor Lines, Inc.
Bruce Stafford 2004 Imperial Supplies
Kay Strand 2003 Sappi Fine Papers
Kenneth D. Butler 2001 Ken Butler Law Office
Kathy Millen 2000 Duluth & Northeastern R.R.
Leo Naumann 1999 Halvor Lines, Inc
Robert Johnson 1998 and 2002 Jeff Foster Trucking
Jim Kallestad 1997 Potlach Corporation
William J. Gravelle 1996 Eikell and Schilling, Ltd.
Mark D. Erickson 1994 Canadian National Railway
Marge L. Kruger 1993 U.S.S. Great Lakes Fleet
Alan Dirksen 1991 and 1992 Koch Twin Ports
Irene Drallmeier 1990 Superior Fiber Products
Patti L. Grossman 1989 Arrowhead Van and Storage
Greg D. Petricig 1988 Chicago & Northwestern RR
Dennis C. Parendo 1986 A.B.F. Freight System
Charles G. Jensen 1985 Clyde Iron
Gloria M. Earls 1981 – 1982 Azcon Corporation
James P. Anderson 1980 Century Motor Freight
Reider O. Hansen 1978 Milwaukee Road
Roger W. Sellman 1974 Glendenning Motorways
Samuel G. Remley 1973 Conwed Corporation
Martin R. Larrabee 1972 Soo Line Railroad
Carl J. Good 1970 Superwood Corporation
Melvin H. Maust 1968 Century Motor Freight
Ivan L. Grossman 1964 – 1965 Arrowhead Van and Storage