August 2019: President’s Note

Thankyou to everyone who was able to sponsor and/or attend the DSTA Golf Outing!

Please remember to renew your membership to the DSTA. So far 112 members have renewed their membership. Thank you! Your membership to the DSTA is important to us and valuable to you. with your membership you receive reduced rates for DSTA events, no charge for the Holiday Party, and many opportunities to make great connections.

August brings us a month off of DSTA activities. Enjoy what is left of summer! The start of school is just around the corner! September will allow us to reach the ear of Mayor Paine and hear what he has planned for the city now that he has been elected to a second term. October will allow us to tour the AAR Maintenance Facility. This year is then finished out with Past Presidents’ Night and the Holiday Party.

We are looking for board members for the 2020 and 2021 term. If you are interested in joining a fun board of directors, please let me know. The board meets about 4-5 times during the year to plan events and guide the organization.

Also, sign up for the Fall Back into Fitness Challenge if you are looking for some motivation to a healthier lifestyle!

Come and join us because together we can do more!