December 2018: Election and Past Presidents’ Night Recap

By Gina Schneider

Close to 40 people attended the Election and Past Presidents’ Night on November 14th, 2018 at Blackwoods Event Center. There were several Past Presidents’ in attendance including: Al Dirksen (1991-1992), Bob Johnson (1998, 2002), Leo Naumann (1999), Kenneth Butler (2001), Brian Foster (2009), Denise McDougall (2010, 2012), Joe Schiff (2013), Jay Baker (2014-2015), and Leyla Aktekin (2017). Thank you for your service to the transportation industry and the DSTA! They shared their wisdom and some historical memories with us.

The election for the 2019 Board of Directors followed up the advice from Past Presidents.
The 2019 Board of Directors consists of:
President – Gina Schneider
1st VP – Joe Schiff
2nd VP – Buck Hammann
Secretary – Ian Schoenike
Treasurer – Dawn Evans
Director 2018-2019 – Pat Murphy and Scott Franzen
Director 2019-2020 – Joe Neubauer and Daniel Rust
Past President/Advisor – Carl Svendsen
Editor – Chelsea Loining
Thank you for your service to the DSTA!

The DSTA Fall Into Fitness Challenge winners were also awarded. Since the results were already sent out, I’ll just cover the final team results.
First Place Team: Zipper Rippers Chafing the Dream (Halvor Lines) ~~ lost 7.29%!
Second Place Team: Lean Into It (Halvor Lines) ~~lost 7.27%!
Third Place Team: Body by Jerry (Jeff Foster Trucking) ~~lost 6.46%!
Congratulations to all!