February 2019: President’s Note

2019 is here.

Some resolutions have already come and gone.  Whether or not we achieve our all our goals, it is a great step to just write the goals down.  Put it in writing and make the ideas you have thought about solidify and turn into an action item.  What are your goals?  Speak your opinion on transportation projects in the  Duluth/Superior area?  Become more involved in the trucking industry?  Giving back to your community?  Growing your professional network?  If so, these can all be attained through being involved with the DSTA!

Another opportunity to become involved in a transportation project in the Duluth/Superior area is coming up. The newsletter includes a flyer for an open house, open to the public, on January 28th at the Clyde Iron Works.  This is the year to become involved and speak up.

At the Holiday Party, the DSTA Scholarship Fund live auction was a success.  With the assistance of donors, buyers, DSTA members, and an awesome auctioneer; the DSTA Scholarship Fund has now hit $10,000.  With this amount the fund can become endowed at the UWS Foundation and the interest can be used to fund future scholarships.  Obviously, the interest that it will generate will not be huge, it is still a great benchmark to achieve.

Thank you, donors (in no particular order):  Rae Otterstrom, Debbie Bryce, Tome Carinci, Dawn Evans, Joe Schiff, Dan Buetow, Curt Raveill, Ruth Gold, Kyle LaPean, Scott Franzen, Dick Otterstrom, Ian Schoenike, and Pat Murphy.

Another opportunity to become involved with the DSTA is coming up on February 20th when we will have the opportunity to hear from Captain Jon Olsen regarding Commercial Vehicle Inspections.  Hope to see everyone there!

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