May 2020: President’s Note

Let me start by saying I fully hope all of you and families are staying healthy and safe during the current Covid-19 crisis. It is amazing to think of how much our lives have changed in just a couple short months. Equally amazing is the adaption that our essential workers, and really everyone, has made to protect ourselves and each other through these unprecedented times. I cannot express enough gratitude for everyone that I’ve been working with personally and professionally.

Many of the members of our organization are directly servicing our company and by that, directly servicing North America. Many of your businesses and employees are servicing essential Charter NEX plastic products throughout a supply chair producing food and medical packaging. These supplies are saving lives and refilling store shelves. this is just one example of the reliance our nation has on many of you. If it weren’t for the trucks delivering these and so many other essential supplies, we wouldn’t even have an opportunity to argue about whether we should be reopening. The outcome of this pandemic would be much more difficult. I hope that you’re feeling support and appreciation from everyone. You deserve it.

Regardless of your favorite news outlet or which official advice you want to take, we’re coming to place now where we are going to have to make the best decisions for ourselves. Mask or no mask… restaurants open or closed… So many options. if you’re out and about, you do you, I’ll do me. But don’t give me a hard time about it and I’ll show you the same respect. Let’s all do that for each other at least.

Thank you and stay safe,
Joe Schiff, DSTA President

Important Updates:

  1. Food Drive has been postponed to September
  2. Golf outing moved to August 24th at Northland Country Club
  3. Fall and Winter events are still being rescheduled