November 2018: Oct. Meeting Recap

October Meeting Recap (Blatnik Bridge Project)
By Neil Johnson

On Wednesday October 17th at VIP in Superior, 23 people gathered to attend a social gathering including pizza provided by the DSTA During the announcements Dr.Richard Stewart updated us on the activities that the UWS Transportation and Logistics club was involved in we also had the opportunity to be introduced to Mark Shold, the first recipient of the DSTA scholarship. We had the privilege to hear from our guest speaker MN DOT Assistant District Engineer for Major Projects, Pat Huston regarding the upcoming Blatnik Bridge Project.

Pat provided a PowerPoint presentation on the early planning details associated with the Blatnik Bridge Replacement Project which included topics such as cost, the role that the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin will have in the project, diagrams of the bridges that are being considered for construction and the current condition of Blatnik Bridge. Pat shared with us a couple of proposed plans as to how the new bridge will be constructed alongside the existing Blatnik Bridge and answered many interesting questions by the audience.

Thank you all for coming out to the event