October 2018: Presidents Note

Survey results are here!

Q1 – Do you read the Headlight?
A – Yes, most of it, most of the time (63%)

Q2 – Preferred method of delivery of the Headlight
A – Adobe attachment (94%)

Q3 – Holiday Party January 2019 entertainment
A – Comedy (43%) No real solid answer here, so we will keep our option open.

Q4 – Family Fun Event for August 2019
A – Vista Fleet cruise with live music and dinner (49%)

Q5 – 2019 Schedule, what would you like to see covered?
A – FMCSA, Highway Patrol – commercial vehicle inspection, Truck Route Planning were the winners

Q6 – Holiday Party 2020, where would you like to have it?
A – Pier B (45%)

Q7 – What would entice you to be more involved in the DSTA?
A – Majority of responses were more time.

If you still wanted to give your feedback via the survey, please do. It is still open for responses.

We will be working on finishing a solid 2018 schedule of events and building a 2019 schedule based from your responses. October will be a presentation regarding the Blatnik Bridge, something almost everyone uses. November will be the annual Presidents’ Night along with the election for the 2019 board. Come out to these events and get involved.

Gina Schneider, DSTA President

Download the full October Newsletter here