September 2020: President’s Note

September is upon us and it’s time to get back into our regular routines. Easier said than done. School is back in session. Summer vacations are over. Transition to fall, a presidential election, and winter prep are impending. Each of these has taken on a new feel.

Your Board of Directors is working to bring you valuable content in whatever way possible. We are working on another remote learning session, a virtual fundraiser, and helping you shed the extra COVID weight you may have picked up. Read on for details on some of these developments. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. It was hard to bring the news of canceling the annual golf outing. We’re also planning to hold our Past President’s Night and Holiday party in a remote fashion. We will be exploring options for remote voting.

During these times it’s important to keep sight of what we can be grateful for. I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy. Remember to keep in touch with friends and family. Make time for yourself and take advantage of the great outdoors.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to staying in touch in whatever way we can.

Joe Schiff, DSTA President