September 2020: Shed the “COVID-19” Weight Loss Challenge

Move over, “Freshman 15.” There’s a new belt-busting threat fueled by the coronavirus pandemic cramming Americans into their homes, dangerously close to their snacks, sodas, sofas, and streaming videos. Beware gaining “the COVID-19.”

While this repurposing of the disease’s name obviously is lighthearted, the struggle is real. After all, the current situation is a recipe for weight gain. It doesn’t have to be, though.

In fact, just as simple things like washing hands, staying home, and keeping six feet apart when in public can help slow the spread of the coronavirus, easy options exist for eating healthy and being active.

Joining this challenge may be exactly what you need to get rolling with life again!


 Five members per team. Each team needs to designate a team captain.

 Team members DO NOT have to be all employees (family & friends are welcome)

 Enrollment fee of $10/participant

 ALL ENROLLMENT FEES GO TO CASH PRIZES, so the more participants the more cash available for prizes!

 First weigh-in will be on or before Monday, September 28th.

 Final weigh-in will be anytime between Friday November 20th and Monday, November 23rd .

 Weigh-ins are every Monday. Simply email your team captain your weight. If you’re not comfortable with that you could also directly email me. First and final weigh in’s will require a code word.

 Team Captains will report team weights directly to Jason Crisp.

 Overall goal of the contest is to see which team loses the highest percentage of their original weight.

 Prizes will be distributed to the top three teams, the highest % weight loss participant of each team, and the overall top male and female % weight loss losers. Winning team will receive the traveling trophy!

To sign-up contact Jason Crisp (715)-395-7145