Virtual Event With BGS

In December, BGS held a one-hour discussion of the COVID-19 related legal issues faced by transportation companies, including:

  • Review and update your COVID-19 preparedness plan.  How are you dealing with infected drivers?  Other workers?
  • Can you expect to be sued when an employee/independent contractor catches Covid? For what?  How will this work? What about independent contractors?
  • Are Covid cases workers compensation claims?
  • What can you say/should you say about an employee with Covid?
  • What to do about workers that tell you they are afraid to come into work?  What about independent contractors?
  • How do we continue to keep the workplace safe? And what happens when that “workplace” is a company truck that moves from state to state?
  • Rethinking the headquarters – do you need all that space?  How do you keep connected (figuratively and literally) with employees working remotely?
  • Renegotiating leases for less space, redesigning spaces for differing uses
  • How about data security issues?  We moved quickly to get people out of the office, but if some will stay home in the future, do we have a good handle on data security requirements and issues?

If you missed the event, you can still learn a great deal from the handout. Download it here: