April 2023: President’s Note

Happy March DSTA Members,
I normally LOVE March! March Madness! The beginning
of Spring! The smiles on people’s faces as the snow is
starting to disappear! Well this March, none of those
things are happening at least for me!! My brackets are a
shambles (although the games last night were amazing!)!
Spring still feels like Winter! And the snow just keeps
piling up! Well there is always April!
I want to start by thanking Pat Huston for a great
presentation and update on both the TPI and Blatnik
projects! I also want to thank all the DSTA members who
showed up at Barkers Island for the event. We had a
great turnout, great food and a great presentation!! I
think we can all say it was better than the alternative,
Curling!!! Thanks again Pat and we look forward to
more updates in the future!
Now for our April meeting. We are going to be touring
the Cirrus plant on Wednesday, April 19th, at 1:00 pm.
We tried to get a tour at the end of the day so more
members would be able to go, but they only do them at
1:00. So hopefully many of you can take a late lunch that
day and join us! We plan on meeting up afterward for
some social time. This is a free tour and we have
included a sign up sheet just so Cirrus has an idea of how
many tour team leaders they will need to provide. You
will need to bring a driver’s license or photo ID to get in.
So please fill out the form and send it back to Dawn by
Friday April 14th. See you at Cirrus!!!