December 2019: Annual Election and Past Presidents’ Night Recap

On November 20th, 40 people gathered at Blackwoods in Proctor for the annual election and past presidents’ night. the past presidents present were, (98,02) Bob Johnson, (99) Leo Naumann, (05) Debbie Landry, (07) Jon Vinje, (09) Brian Foster, (13) Joe Schiff, (16) Carl Svendsen. The past presidents gave sound advice for the organization and insight into where the organization came from. The 2019 board of directors was elected. See below for the 2020 Board of Directors. The winners were announced for the Fall into Fitness Challenge, see the next post for the results. Great job everyone!

Thank you, Jason Crisp, for organizing the challenge. Thank you to all the past presidents that helped develop the organization into what it is today. Thank you to all the 2019 Board Members for your time and energy into the organization and transportation industry.

2020 Board Members
President: Joe Schiff
1st V.P. Scott Franzen
2nd V.P. Joe Neubauer
2019-2020 Director Daniel Rust
2019-2020 Director Carol Isakson
2020-2021 Director Leyla Aktekin
2020-2021 Director Richie Rochel
Secretary: Ian Schoenike
Treasurer: Dawn Evans
Editor: Chelsea Loining
Past President Gina Schneider
Advisor: Jay Baker