Fall Back into Fitness

September 23rd – November 18th

Fall into Fitness is the DSTA’s annual weight loss challenge. Teams of five compete for cash prizes, the traveling trophy, and bragging rights. The goal is to lose the highest percentage of team’s weight loss over eight weeks’ time.

  • Five members per team. Each team needs to designate a team captain
  • Team members DO NOT have to all be employees (family and friends are welcome)
  • Enrollement fee: $10/member of DSTA; $15/non-member
  • ALL ENROLLMENT FEES GO TO CASH PRIZES, so the more participants the more $$$ available for prizes!
  • First weigh-in will be on or before Monday, Sept 23
  • Final weigh-in will be Monday, November 18th
  • Winners will be announced at the DSTA Meeting on Nov 20th
  • Weigh-ins are every Monday.
  • Team Captains will report directly with Jason Crisp (note: I will be gone Monday September 30th and Tuesday Oct 1st so that week’s standings update will come later in the week).
  • Overall goal of the contest is to see which team loses the highest percentage of their original weight
  • Prizes will be distributed to the top three teams, the heighest % weight loss participant of each team, and the overall top male and female % weight loss losers.

Contact Jason Crisp (jcrisp@halvorlines.com) 715-395-7145 to get signed up!