Feb 2018: Letter from the Editor

Hello all,
I hope everyone got to enjoy the Holiday Party at Black Bear and bid on some fun items! The party was brought back to Black Bear due to member feedback. If you have ideas on future event locations, please feel free to reach out to the board.

We have some informative events coming soon including the upcoming presentation on Sleep Disorders in February. We will also be including information about future meetings sooner to give people extra time to fit it into their schedules.

Are you interested in the topic of Autonomous and Platooning CMV’s?
The March 21st DSTA event will cover this topic and a panel of guest speakers will discuss the following:
*The future of Autonomous and Platoon-ing C.M.V’s
*The state of Wisconsin is only a few minor modifications away from a platoon experiment from Superior to the southern border of Wisconsin.

Mark it on your calendar and we look forward to seeing you there!
If you have any news/events you’d like featured in the headlight or on our website, please reach out to cloining@halvorlines.com.