Mar 2017: President’s Note

As I sit here at 30,000 feet penning my monthly note to you, I am amazed at how far the world of transportation has come! In the early days, people traveled by foot, horse and buggy, and via stagecoach, steam-powered passenger train and steamship for longer treks. Fast forward and the wonder of science has us soaring above the clouds, cruising the oceans in floating luxury hotels, riding the rails in style, and cruising the high-ways in sometimes autonomous vehicles. I can only imagine what is yet to come! Were the Jetsons so farfetched??? I think not!

As we move into spring which is a magical time of rebirth and growth, please remember that we have to keep working on growing the DSTA. When our numbers grow, so grows our sustainability as an organization. When our diversity grows, so grows the scope of our outreach. Please reach out to those that you feel may be interested in joining us. You will never know what the answer may be if the question is never asked!

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope that you aren’t battling “cabin fever” like I was. A good dose of Arizona sunshine sure did me some good!

Until next month… Leyla