March 2018: February Meeting Recap

By Gina Schneider

Around 35 people gathered on February 21, 2018 at Yellowjacket Union. We had the opportunity to learn more about sleep disorders from a professional in the industry. Thomas Kelleher, a sleep specialist at St. Luke’s, shared with us the details about sleep disorders. Symptoms, diagnosis process, and treatment options were all covered. Thomas also included some trucking specific topics. Schneider has a sleep apnea treatment program and has done a study in their fleet. “The results of the study revealed that the rate of serious, preventable crashes was five times higher among truck drivers with OSA who did not adhere to Schneider’s sleep apnea treatment program, compared with matched controls. In contrast, the crash rate of drivers with sleep apnea who were fully or partially adherent with Schneider’s treatment was statistically similar to controls,” per Thank you for coming out for the event!