March 2022: Board Members

2022 Board Members
President – Scott Franzen
1st VP – Joe Neubauer
2nd VP – Richie Rochel
Treasurer – Dawn Evans
Secretary – Ian Schoenike
20-22 Member – Carole Isakson
20-22 Member – OPEN
22-23 Member – Mike Heckman
22-23 Member – Tom Killian
Advisor – Vern Bryce
Past President – Gina Schneider
Editor – Gina Schneider

Leyla was voted in on election night, however, she has moved out of the transportation industry and on to other things. Thanks to Leyla for many years of service to the DSTA. Richie has moved into the 2nd VP position. Thank you for each of your time and talents serving the DSTA!