March 2022: President’s Note

Happy New Year DSTA members! My name is Scott
Franzen with TAB Bank and I am your new president for 2022.

I would really like to thank Gina and Dawn and all the members who stepped up to keep things rolling these past two very difficult years. I would also like to thank Ritchie for stepping up for 2nd VP for 2022. I would like
to thank outgoing board members, Chelsea, Leyla and Daniel for all their service, and welcome new board members Mike Heckman, Tom Killian and Vern Bryce. I believe our role as board members is to provide informative, pertinent, quality information and guests to our membership. That being said, we need your help. If any of you have a person, place or idea that you believe would be of interest to the rest of the DSTA, please let one of the board members know. Also as I mentioned at the December meeting, when I first started on the board our goal was to increase membership. That goal is still forefront but it must also include ideas on how to get our current membership to return to meetings and events. The more the merrier I always say! So again your help is needed. Most of you know that Jay Baker led our DSTA Fill-A-Truck/Feed-A-Family food drive. Since Jay’s departure, we have been looking for someone(s) to take over that important role. I am pleased to announce that Richie Rochel is willing to co-chair this event, but he is really looking for another individual to help with this big undertaking. This is an awesome event for the DSTA and it really shows our community our commitment to it, so if you have any interest please let us know.
Duluth-Superior Transportation Association News March 2022

I know that it seems like I’m asking for a lot of help here, and the truth is…I am. I can think of two important quotes that really sum up the DSTA for me. The first one is from Helen Keller who said, ”Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Nothing can be more sincere than this statement. With such a strong, diverse membership, I believe we can accomplish all we hope for. The second quote is from Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” This quote has two meanings for me related to the DSTA. The first one reminds me how long the DSTA has been around and all the great things it has accomplished. The second meaning is one that all of us face in these unprecedented times. To me, sometimes, it feels like we are all starting over. And if we are starting over, then these words really do ring true! Thanks again everyone. I am really looking forward to 2022 and leading the DSTA.