November 2019: President’s Note

Thank you to everyone who was able to attended the AAR Maintenance Facility Tour, it was awesome!

The times are a changing. In a few weeks, we will be electing the Board members for 2020/2021. I will be moving to the past president’s position after 2 terms as President and Joe Schiff will be moving back to the President position for his second term. Current board members Scott Franzen and Joe Neubauer have decided to move from board members to 1st and 2nd Vice President positions. Thanks guys!

There are a few people that have decided to run for the board member positions, however, we are still looking for interested people to run for the open board member positions. It is time to expand the small number of people serving the transportation industry. Is it your turn? Can you give back a few hours every couple of months? You will not regret it, I know I do not. It has been a great experience being part of the board for the last six years and I look forward to another year as Past President. If you’re interested, please let me know by November 8th. The board meets about 4-5 times during the year to plan events and guide the organization.

For those of you who have already given your time and moved through the ranks to the President position, thank you, we will celebrate you in November.

Come and join us because together we can do more.

Gina Schneider, DSTA President