Oct 2017: Sept Meeting Recap

It was a great honor to present on Wednesday, Sept. 20th at Epic Restaurant in Superior. I shared with the group a presentation I created called: “Encouraging a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace”. My focus as the Health & Wellness Advocate at Jeff Foster Trucking is on encouraging a culture where regular activity, healthy diet, and adequate rest are supported and emphasized. I described the dire need for truck drivers (specifically) in the transportation industry. In addition, current health indices demonstrate the abnormally high levels of mostly controllable chronic diseases in our industry. I evaluated the meal we ate at Epic (which was delicious!), compared with a much higher calorie meal that could have been chosen. Ultimately, this presentation introduced the Fall Into Fitness Challenge which is now one week in – we have 80 people participating this year! Make sure to attend November’s meeting to find out which team will take home the Traveling Trophy and win the various cash prizes.

Miriam Hanson Health & Wellness Advocate