September 2018: President’s Note

The harbor cruise was cancelled due to a low response rate. That tells me that we have some work to do. We have created a quick survey for all of the members to fill out (will take less than 3 minutes since it is only 6 questions). Please give us your feedback. We are here working for all of you!

Just to keep everyone informed, there are several opportunities to get involved in transportation planning in the Duluth Superior area. Currently MN DOT and Duluth Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council have advisory councils looking into improving freight flow more safely and efficiently. MN DOT has a Twin Ports Interchange Advisory Council (TPI) and a Freight Plan Advisory Committee in which Brian Foster and Leo Naumann, respectively, are a part of. Leo is also part of the Duluth Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council’s Truck Route Study Committee. TPI does hold public meetings that anyone can attend. They are listed on their website (however not always updated promptly) at

If you have strong opinions and you would like to be part of the transportation plan in the area, there is plenty of opportunity to do so. It is time, get involved.

September brings us to the start of our ‘Fall into Fitness’ challenge. If you are not at your desired health level, please consider joining a team. It is a great way to start your healthy lifestyle.

Gina Schneider
DSTA President