Feb 2023: Weight Loss Challenge Summary

Lead: Jason Crisp

Congrats to everyone within this program. Taking on a weight loss challenge over Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s is truly a challenge! The cool thing is almost everyone lost weight and those who didn’t pretty much maintained. Take a moment to reflect on the past 10
weeks. Consider the goals you set at the beginning and the changes you have made to eat smart and move more throughout this program. It is important to measure success in as many ways as you can as you continue to make healthy decisions for the new year. Challenge yourself to continue on with these healthy ways setting some goals for 2023!

Before we get into the final standings and prizes here are some stats regarding the challenge.
• Total Participants = 65
• Total lbs lost = 618.6lbs
• Combined average % lost per participant = 4.32%
• Average lost weight per participant = 9.5lbs – Note: It’s commonly asserted that the “average American” will gain roughly 5lbs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

We will start with the top participant for each team: ($25 to each)
 Beautiful Losers: Ronnie Ferguson lost 7.75%
 We’re Not Going to Bake It: Jacob Erickson lost 8.72%
 Slim Pickens: LeRoy Van Dusen lost 4.49%
 Dwindling DIVAS!: Sue Kamunen lost 13.4%
 Shredders: Chad Blaine lost 12.9%
 The Flat Bed 5: Austin Blanchfield lost 11.8%
 Misfit Pufferfish: Brad Sundeen lost 9.3%
 Mechanics: Justin Bender lost 10.6%
 JV’s Team: Jason Vinje lost 5.57%
 Step Champs: Jill St. Pierre lost 6.57%
 The A Team: Crash Carlson lost 4.61%
 What, What, Lose the Butt: Jeremy Watkins lost 9.45%
 Profits in Losses: Chris Mitchell lost 3.71%

Overall top male and female were: ($50 to each)
 Sue Kamunen at 13.4%
 Chad Blaine at 12.9%

Team Standings – Top 3
 Shredders – Halvor Lines $300 (total) plus traveling trophy
 What, What, Lose the Butt – Dave Evans $200 (total)
 The Flat Bed 5 – Halvor Lines $100 (total)